Share Tipping with a purpose

WeStockTip’s share tips are presented in a standarised format and get straight to the characteristics that matter when picking stocks.

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Key Ratios and Fundamentals

Quickly discover key fundamentals such as earnings, valuation, bull & bear points, dividends and the macro-economics influencing the share price. Integral metrics are illustrated throughout each tip and tools are provided for you to explore future changes in fundamentals.

Net Margin %
Revenue Growth (YoY)

Community-Generated Equity Ratings

Our tips are challenging the traditional and tired channels of stock tipping, such as newspapers and magazines, by facilitating community collaboration in the rating of individual shares.

The WeStockTip community is democratising investment idea generation with the creation of unique equity ratings.

Subscribers can rate each share covered by our tips a strong buy, buy, hold, sell or strong sell and in the process create crowd-sourced share ratings.

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Blue-Chip and Small Cap share tips

WeStockTip covers a diversified selection of shares ranging from established FTSE 100 Blue-Chips through to exciting AIM-listed small caps.

In addition to UK shares,  WeStockTip produces tips on pan-European and North American listed equities.

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Enhancing Investment Decision Making

Each tip has a clear risk category; low, medium or high. WeStockTip tips are not specific advice and our risk categories are designed to help our community understand potential fluctuations in the underlying share price when making their own investment decisions.

Simple Risk and Strategy Categories

Tactical investors can quickly find stock tips matching their strategies as each of our views is attributed to particular strategy; income, growth or total return.

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